Amazonite Palm Stones
Amazonite Palm Stones
Amazonite Palm Stones
Amazonite Palm Stone in an open hand
Amazonite Info Graphic
This is what amazonite looks like when it's in the natural unpolished form.

Amazonite Palm Stones

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AMAZONITE -  tranquility, clarity, communication

Amazonite comes in varying shades of blues and greens so it is correlated to the Throat and Heart Chakras, and boosts one’s ability to speak clearly and from the heart!  It’s incredibly soothing and helps to keep you calm and tranquil.  This is also a lucky stone and helpful for creativity especially speaking, singing, music, and writing.

Life hack:  Hold these little chill dudes in your hands when you need to speak your truth.  Tell somebody how it really is.  And since you’ll be calm, nobody can call you crazy. 

Other ideas:  Keep it on your desk at work so you keep your cool when writing all those damn emails or make those cold calls. Give it to someone who lies.  Let it shine bright on a windowsill or shelf because it's so damn pretty.  

The stone you receive will be one of the ones pictured here, chosen intuitively by yours truly.  They are roughly the same weight and size.  As these are natural stones, there may be some irregular coloring, cracks, and markings. Their uniqueness is what makes them so imperfectly perfect!