blue calcite palm stones
blue calcite palm stones
blue calcite palm stones
blue calcite palm stone in the calm of a hand

Blue Calcite Palm Stones

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BLUE CALCITE - calm, communication, intuition

Blue calcite aids in calm communication.  It also enhances one’s intuition since it is associated with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras.  Like all light blue stones, it’s great for meditation, lucid dreaming and tapping in to one’s intuition.  

Life hack: use it as a “talking stone” at the next heated staff meeting or intervention.  Anyone holding this will feel calm and will communicate well.   

Other ideas: place it on your podium when doing any public speaking.  To keep you chill, carry it in your pocket if you have big pockets or don’t mind having a bit of visual bulge. Hehe. 

The stone you receive will be one of the ones pictured here, chosen intuitively by yours truly.  They are roughly the same weight and size.  As these are natural stones, there may be some irregular coloring, cracks, and markings. Their uniqueness is what makes them so imperfectly perfect!