Amazonite is a blue-green tectosilicate mineral, a variety of the potassium feldspar called microclin, l found in granitic rocks in the Ilmensky Mountains near Russia, but also in India, China, Mongolia, Libya, South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Australia, Brazil, and the United States.  Although it was named after the Amazon River, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that Amazonite stones have ever been found in that region. 

The stone appears solid and smooth when polished, but it is actually somewhat brittle with a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale and care should be taken around other minerals and chemicals. 

Amazonite opens the heart and throat area of your body, easing tension in the neck, shoulders and chest, and aligns the posture to improve energy flow through both the throat and heart chakras. It soothes the entire nervous system and protects against electromagnetic pollution. It also relieves muscle spasms and supports bone and tooth health.  

Amazonite isn’t just good at calming the physical body, but the emotional body as well as it dispels negative energies, soothes emotional trauma and alleviates fear.  It balances the feminine and masculine energies and helps you see both sides of an argument.  It is a great tool  to foster truth, sincerity, integrity, trust and good communication.  This is an excellent stone for writers and musicians.

It is associated with Virgos, the planet Uranus, the elements Earth and Water and the number 5. 

Bring Amazonite into your meditation space and carry it to important speaking engagements, mediations, negotiations, or even first dates.  This stone will help you speak your truth calmly and with an open heart, all the while calming your nerves.