Thank you so much for being here, vibing with me, and taking time to read a little bit about me.  As someone who is a Human Design Manifestor with limitless ideas and interests (and ADHD!), I do a LOT of things! 

I have been on a mission to curate my life to be centered around the things I love the most and that means giving up a regular nine-to-five type career and offering my skills through various channels, such as Crystal Gridding, Crystals, Astrology, Human Design, and Skate Videography! But more than any of those things I love... I love my three teenage/adult children Leah, Takeshi and Keaton, who have been by my side making this dream come true for me.  

I initially launched my first business OMG Witch Please in early 2020.  I focused on witchy and spiritual items only, but my business and interests continue to grow and evolve.  We aren't static beings and neither is this site. This is what I do (and how I make a living) on a daily and weekly basis and I'd be THRILLED if you joined me in any of these endeavors.  Your goals are my goals.

  • Creating custom laser gifts like wedding and anniversary gifts, baby announcements, holiday ornaments, business items, signs, & so much more!
  • Creating gorgeous and powerful crystal grids and other divination items, along with selling a small selection of crystals and other witchy items.
  • Rollerskating with my iphone14 pro max, capturing skating of all kinds both indoor and outdoor.  I primarily film at CalSkate in Rohnert Park but can be hired for other locations.
  • Astrological and Human Design readings, custom engraved birth charts, knowledge and resource sharing.
  • Freelance web design and other admin tasks.  I'm a freak in the spreadsheets!
  • Personal shopping and delivery driving.

I want this to be a space for us to explore ourselves, our spiritual practices, whatever those may be, and pick up some fun tools and knowledge along the way. I want to stay true to the history and culture of tools & symbols I use.  If I am ever insensitive or inaccurate in my portrayal of the cultural items here, please call upon me to be better.  If I am not inclusive in my language, call me on that too. This is a space for all humans regardless of sexuality, gender-identity, religious background, race, ethnicity, ability, etc. I source materials as ethically as possible and pour love and healing vibes in all that I do.  


Thank you again for being here and let's make magic together today!

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