Onyx takes its name from the Greek word for fingernails.  According to ancient Greek lore, cupid trimmed the nails of a sleeping Venus, the goddess of Love.  Because Goddesses are immortal, her nails turned to Onyx.

Onyx is a protective stone, thought to help repair discord between two lovers.  In fact, there is a story about Onyx holding a demon/spirit who would come awake at night to repair relationships.  Additionally, this stone helps separate from bad relationships or cease bad habits.  It helps you make good decisions, be sturdy and steadfast in your loyalty to yourself, and to let go of past griefs, even those from past lives.  

Onyx should be kept on your bedside table to assist in shamanic traveling and working out past trauma in addition to the repair and maintenance it does on relationships whether you’re partnered or single.  Wear Onyx on your body or in your pocket to keep you strong and centered throughout your day. 

Beneficial for making good decisions, steadfastness, confidence, strength, willpower, repairing relationships with lovers, grief, and overwhelming fears.