How to Create a Crystal Grid

Step-by-step to Create a Crystal Grid

  1. Set your scene - prepare and clear the energy in the space you’ll be working in.  You may choose to do a smoke cleanse with smudging items, or you could light a candle, play calming music, say a prayer - really anything that grounds you & your body. Take a moment to really slow down and connect with your own spirit and source to hear your inner voice of wisdom. 
  2. Decide what your intentions are for this grid.  Be specific about what you want to invite into your life.  Visualize it as if it were already happening.  Feel it in your body.  If it helps you, you can write down the intention and place it below your grid base. You may also voice the intention out loud.
  3. Choose a base for your crystal grid. Many use wood or cloth bases with sacred geometry designs such as the Flower of Life or Metatron’s Cube.  
  4. Choose the crystals, stones or other elements that you would like to work with. You can do this based on the crystals’ healing properties, but you can also use your intuition. Ensure those crystals are cleansed or take a moment to bless them with candlelight or smoke clearing.  
  5. Place the crystals down as you feel guided to do. It’s common to choose a center stone which corresponds to your intention and then create a symmetrical design in rows around the center stone.  Other people start from the outside and work in.  Consider the shape of the stone and how the energy may flow from them.  For example, a sphere radiates a soft energy in all directions, while a crystal tower sends the intention upwards.  Sometimes you may want to aim the points of crystal pieces outward to radiate energy out, or you may want to point them in to focus on the center stone.  Some people choose patterns of 4 stones, others choose 6.  Trust yourself in making all these decisions and feel free to play! 
  6. Activate your grid, which is best done with a wand or clear quartz point, but you can use your own finger if you don’t have either of those.  Keeping your intention in mind, touch the center stone and move outward to each stone around it to join all the stones together energetically with an invisible thread, like weaving a basket or a spider making a web.  Most of the time that is clockwise, but there may be times when you want to do this in counterclockwise order, such as when you are “removing” something from your life.  
  7. Thank The Universe for bringing you the blessings you’ve asked for, in divine timing. 
  8. Leave your crystal grid set up for a period of time, say 48 hours, or even longer or permanently.  If you need to move or put away your grid, deactivate it by unweaving the energetic connections between the stones in the reverse way that you activated it.  Always be in gratitude to your tools even if the blessing you asked for didn’t make its way to you.  All that is meant to be, will come to be, in divine timing.