Once upon a time, there was a witch (me!), who spent many many mornings sipping coffee on her porch, listening to the birds, dreaming about opening a business selling crystal grids and crystals.  One day, I noticed a cat watching me from the bushes.  At the time, I thought this gorgeous creature was a girl, and maybe feral because she was quite dirty.  I called her Kaya and said hello anytime I saw her which became daily. 

This cat began watching me through my bedroom window and occasionally meowed to me to come outside.  Within a week or so, it was clear.  This cat was OBSESSED WITH ME.  Turns out HE was named Milo and he lived with the college girl who had moved in next door.  She wouldn't let him inside so he lived in the yard between her house and mine.  Milo and I bonded to the point that it was obvious even to her.  Months later, she let me know she would be moving soon and I sheepishly asked if I could keep him.  She thought about it a few days and then said YES!  He has been my sidekick and personal assistant ever since.  I couldn't imagine running this business or family without him.  I hope you enjoy his pics and please know that he blesses your orders quite often.  His energy is pure and regal.  Majestic AF.  Like you!

 Milo loves helping me take photos.


 Milo also blesses the grids sometimes!

And then he sits. 

 And guards the perimeter.

 Which is exhausting.

 Oh mom, more pics?

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