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OMG Witch Please | Crystal Grids, Sacred Geometry Grids & Crystals


Oh my gods, goddesses and non-binary divinities...witch please!  Powerful crystal grids, curated with love and intention with sacred geometry, mandalas & consciously sourced crystals to calm your anxiety, elevate your vibes, and be the very best witch you can be.  Us witches gotta stick together.  


Hey My Witches...

Thank you so much for being here, vibing with me, and taking time to read a little bit about me.  I'll try to make it brief.... I LOVE CRYSTALS.... astrology, human design, tarot, rollerskating, music festivals, and succulents .... but more than any of that... I love my three kids Leah, Takeshi and Keaton, who have been by my side making this dream come true for me.  My daughter Leah helped develop the logo, my son Takeshi provided his photoshop skills to make crystal elements like the ones in the graphic below, and Keaton helps me research the history and meanings of the sacred geometry and crystal properties.  They also just refrain from laughing when I go on and on about crystals. 😂😂😂   That helps.

Oh my god/desses and non-binary divinities ... Witch Please!???  Let's talk about that.  How did I come up with this name?  Well, I say omg all.the.time for starters!  To me, this place should be for all my sassy, down to earth, badass witches and witches in discovery. I want this to be a space for us to explore ourselves, our spiritual practices, whatever those may be, and pick up some fun tools and knowledge along the way. I want to stay true to the history and culture of these tools & symbols.  If I am ever insensitive or inaccurate in my portrayal of the cultural items here, please call upon me to be better.  If I am not inclusive in my language, call me on that too. This is a space for all humans regardless of sexuality, gender-identity, religious background, race, ethnicity, ability, etc. 

I am the first to admit that I am not an expert in this space.  I know a bit about crystals, but not everything.  I know a bit about witchcraft and divination, but I'm learning more and more every day.  I am your sister. I source materials as ethically as possible and I strive to lovingly curate powerful crystal grids that you can use to calm your anxiety, elevate your vibes, and be the very best witch you can be.  Us witches gotta stick together.   


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