What is a Crystal Grid

What is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a special arrangement of crystals (and other things), used with an intention in mind to manifest a desired result.  Common intentions that people use for crystal grids are for well being, abundance, healing, protection, self-love, confidence, and more. 

How does the crystal grid get its power?  Well, first and foremost, from YOU - your energy and your focused intention.  And of course grids harness the power of the crystals themselves, all of which have certain metaphysical properties.  Furthermore, the sacred geometry used either in the design of the base or in the intentional placement of the stones can boost the grid’s power. 

There are no rules in crystal gridding and it’s best to use your own intuition when creating your grids.  You can choose stones that are known for their healing properties, such as Citrine for abundance, or you can intuitively choose stones that call to you and later look into their properties.  You’d be surprised how often you pick just what you need in your life!

If you don’t have a big crystal collection, that’s OK!  You can also include items provided by Mother Nature herself, like herbs, leaves, flowers, shells etc. It’s the setting of your own intentions that is the most important.  You have all the magic and power within you to create a powerful portal to birth your manifestations into existence.  You can do a crystal grid whenever you feel the need, but typical times are during the New Moon, Full Moon or other ritual day.  You may also create travel grids when staying away from home to bring a little magic into your temporary spaces.