Seed of Life design laser engraved on a wood circle
A swatch of maple plywood
A swatch of sapele plywood

Seed of Life Crystal Grid

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This is a crystal grid base featuring the Seed of Life

The Seed of Life is the symbol for creation, the blueprint of the universe, and she represents every living cell on earth. The design contains six-fold geometry with six circles forming together to create a central flower petal design.  This figure of 7 circles represents our 7 days, 7 chakras & 7 musical notes. DaVinci compared the Seed of Life to music, pointing out that the distance between the spheres is also the same as the distance between notes and believed this was the visual representation of the symmetry of sound.

The Seed of Life encourages you to remake yourself every minute, every hour, every day, at the cellular level.  This design is the perfect choice for working on personal growth and starting new projects. Making a powerful change in your life is as simple as taking one small step at a time, one circle at a time.  As a meditation aid, focus on the seven circles and the journey through each and you fill yourself with the energy of the Seed, leaving you refreshed and feeling like you've begun a new cycle. You have or you’re about to!

  • Your choice of Maple (light) or Sapele (dark) wood 
  • Dimensions:  1/4" thick and your choice in diameter:  5", 6", 8" or 10" 
  • Laser engraved by me! Woodgrain and level of burn will vary by piece.  I hope you enjoy their uniqueness as much as I do. 
  • No stones are included with this grid. 
  • This is intended to be used for a crystal grid but it would easily become wall art if you decided to add your own hardware to the back.  I recommend command strips or double sided tape, not screws as the wood is thin and would split.
  • Because it is untreated ply, don't use it as a coaster or get it wet.