Torus Yantra/Geometric Eye Crystal Grid
Torus Yantra/Geometric Eye Crystal Grid
A swatch of maple plywood
A swatch of sapele plywood

Torus Yantra/Geometric Eye Crystal Grid

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This is a crystal grid base featuring the Torus Yantra or Geometric Eye

The Torus Yantra is a three-dimensional geometric shape, resembling a donut or a tire, which holds symbolic and spiritual significance. The Torus, also called the Geometric Eye, is a symbol of the dynamic flow of energy in the universe, as energy moves in a continuous loop from the center of the torus and back in through the opening, creating a self-sustaining cycle.  In this way, it also represents the cycle of creation and destruction, birth and death, and the eternal nature of existence.

  • Your choice of Maple (light) or Sapele (dark) wood 
  • Dimensions:  1/4" thick and your choice in diameter:  5", 6", 8" or 10" 
  • Laser engraved by me! Woodgrain and level of burn will vary by piece.  I hope you enjoy their uniqueness as much as I do. 
  • No stones are included with this grid. 
  • This is intended to be used for a crystal grid but it would easily become wall art if you decided to add your own hardware to the back.  I recommend command strips or double sided tape, not screws as the wood is thin and would split.
  • Because it is untreated ply, don't use it as a coaster or get it wet.