Round Iridescent Acrylic Earrings with an astrological symbol for Cancer on a business card that says OMG Witch Please
Fire and Ice acrylic is very translucent but reflects colors of blue, green, yellow and orange. Graphic of an iridescent circle on complimentary background. OMG Witch Please

Astrological Glyph Earrings - Cancer

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♋️ Cancer ♋️

Cancer, The Protector.  Your nurturing nature and intuitive understanding of emotions create a safe space for everyone, turning every hangout into a therapeutic gathering filled with love and support.

Whether you are a Cancer Rising, Sun, or Moon, these gorgeous, fun, lightweight, iridescent acrylic earrings are sure to capture attention! Don't know your sign or have been curious to know more about your chart?  I offer Mini Readings!  And I also offer engraved Custom Birth Charts to honor yourself and/or track your transits! 


  • Your choice of size: 1 inch or 0.75 inch diameter.
  • Iridescent Fire and Ice film over clear acrylic. 
  • Nickel-free hardware.