Altar cloth made of cotton with a gold and silver seed of life and celtic border motif

Seed of Life & Celtic Knot Altar Cloth 18x18

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This is a gold and silver design printed on black heavy cotton material.  Printed golden celtic knot border with a central silver Seed of Life.  A gorgeous cloth for your altar ceremonies or to grid on!   

The Seed of Life is the symbol for creation, the blueprint of the universe, and she represents every living cell on earth.  There are 7 circles, 7 days, 7 chakras and 7 musical notes.  DaVinci compared the Seed of Life to music, pointing out that the distance between the spheres is also the same as the distance between notes and believed this was the visual representation of the symmetry of sound.

  • Dimensions: 18"x18"
  • Heavy Cotton, fringed edge
  • Made in India