Kali Yantra Crystal Grid
A swatch of maple plywood
A swatch of sapele plywood

Kali Yantra Crystal Grid

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This is a crystal grid base featuring the Kali Yantra

A yantra is a visual representation of a deity's energy or power, and it is used for meditation, worship, and spiritual practice. The Kali Yantra specifically embodies the divine attributes and energy of Goddess Kali, who is often depicted as a fierce and powerful deity.

Kali is a complex goddess in Hinduism, representing both destruction and transformation, as well as the ultimate reality that transcends all forms. She is often associated with themes of time, change, and the dissolution of the ego. The Kali Yantra serves as a visual focal point for devotees to connect with her energy and invoke her qualities.

Each element of the yantra holds symbolic significance and represents different aspects of the goddess's energy. The central point of the yantra, often referred to as the "bindu," symbolizes the unmanifested source of creation.

Devotees use the Kali Yantra as a tool for meditation and visualization, aiming to connect with Kali's transformative energy, face fears, and dissolve the ego's limitations. By meditating upon the yantra and chanting Kali's mantra, practitioners seek her blessings for personal growth, liberation, and spiritual enlightenment.

  • Your choice of Maple (light) or Sapele (dark) wood 
  • Dimensions:  1/4" thick and your choice in diameter:  5", 6", 8" or 10" 
  • Laser engraved by me! Woodgrain and level of burn will vary by piece.  I hope you enjoy their uniqueness as much as I do. 
  • No stones are included with this grid. 
  • This is intended to be used for a crystal grid but it would easily become wall art if you decided to add your own hardware to the back.  I recommend command strips or double sided tape, not screws as the wood is thin and would split.
  • Because it is untreated ply, don't use it as a coaster or get it wet.