Rose Quartz Palm Stones
Rose Quartz Palm Stones
Rose Quartz Palm Stones
Rose Quartz Palm Stone
Rose Quartz Palm Stone in the palm of a hand
what rose quartz looks like in its rough form

Rose Quartz Palm Stones

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QUARTZ, ROSE - love, peace, acceptance

Rose Quartz is the fundamental heart chakra stone and symbolizes the power and healing potential of unconditional love. It frees you of guilt and fear, fosters forgiveness and compassion and helps to reprogram your heart into an open vessel ready to love and be loved. 

Life hack: pretend it’s a gua sha and rub it all over your beautiful face.  Then, all over your beautiful body!  You are worthy of radical self acceptance and love.  

Other ideas: Keep near your bed to attract love.  Give it to someone who is grieving or working through a difficult time.  

The stone you receive will be one of the ones pictured here, chosen intuitively by yours truly. As these are natural stones, there may be some irregular coloring, cracks, and markings. Their uniqueness is what makes them so imperfectly perfect!