Tigers Eye Tumbled Stones on a table
Tigers Eye Tumbled Stones on a dusty table
TIgers Eye little tumbled stones

Tigers Eye Tumbles

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Tigers Eye should have been named Lion’s Roar!  This stone is all for personal power, courage, confidence, self-esteem, and decision making.  To boost your sense of self, place this on your solar plexus and repeat the mantra “I love and accept myself unconditionally.” Need something a little more light-hearted?  Keep a small one in your pocket for luck and protection as you roam about all happy and go-lucky!  You're a shining star!  

Cleanse the stone periodically or before or after a particularly emotional event or ritual.  Selenite or quartz are super helpful for cleansing other crystals in your collection.  Check out the selenite bars, perfect for a little charging station. 

Medium is between 34-40 grams

Small is about the size of a dime in diameter.